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Security cameras and surveillance systems for your home

Many of our customers that contact us about installing security and surveillance cameras in their home ask about what types of cameras they need as well as the differences in types and capabilities of security cameras. Our process with every customer is to provide a FREE cost assessment of their surveillance security goals and let that drive the security camera solution that best fits your needs.

Some of the basic differences in categories in cameras focus on the end goals of the need. For example, for exterior cameras that will be in low-light environments require night vision or infrared (IR) capabilities. A good thing to consider having with exterior mounts is vandal-proof and weather -proof abilities. Security cameras that are mounted on the exterior and are required to protection for a large area need to include night vision as well as long-range zoom features. For the best quality high-resolution HD 1080p security cameras, we would recommend HD-SDI or HD-TVI cameras for the best image capture and powerful range capabilities.

In addition to the technical capabilities, there is a difference in types of cameras including dome cameras, box cameras, bullet and hidden. Some are better at providing pan, tilt and zoom features, while others like box cameras offer a visible camera without showing the direction that the camera is pointing. And of course, hidden cameras do just that, stay hidden from people you are trying to record, and provide the highest degree of surveillance but may not include infrared (IR) or be weather-proof either.

When JM Associates security professional reviews your security surveillance goals or requirements, we will discuss the types of security surveillance cameras, their specific capabilities and will pair it with a digital video recording (DVR) system, connection and cabling plan and provide training on your new system so you become your home’s security surveillance expert. Contact us today at 817-913-2649 and let us discuss your home’s security camera plans.


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