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HD-TVI Technology for Security Cameras and Surveillance Solutions

Looking to utilize a fast, high-quality video signal over the longest range at the most cost-effective solution? Today's HD-TVI cameras and system allows just that.

The newest in HD video that makes use of the 1080P full high definition video is the TVI (transport video interface) transmits it's HD data up to 1,500 feet over normal RG59 or RG6 coaxial cable and up to 100 feet using network CAT5 or CAT6 data lines. the HD-TVI format of HD delivers high-resolution surveillance video at a great cost-savings over traditional IP and is more efficient to install and operate on analog CCTV security solutions. Since there is no network infrastructure needed, the installation is much quicker to set up.

HD-TVI security cameras and CCTV systems bring high definition video with zoom capabilities for high-resolution images, and there is no video latency or slow speeds comon ith IP solutions. Monitor your security video in real time and never miss a detail due to delays in transmission. In addition, with a HD-TVI DVR system, you can use standard RG59 cabling for long-distance cabling runs that saves you the cost of using your current CCTV security cameras and cables while still transmitting HD quality and giving you the greatest compatibility with any HD-TVI camera brand.

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