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    Business, corporate and industry security surveillance solutions

Businesses and Industrial Security Solution Expert

Businesses rely on a trusted and reliable partner when it comes to security solutions. JM Associates Technologies is an experienced security installer and solution expert in a variety of commercial and industrial businesses including large nationwide retail, home building/remodeling chains, hotels, US federal buildings, medical facilities and a variety of retail locations.

Our staff and personnel have installed and put together security solutions for large chain businesses including the likes of Walmart®, Target®, Home Depot®, Hyatt Regency®, Motel 6, Holiday Inn®, Dollar Tree®, Family Dollar® and more. In addition to various other retail industries, JM Associates has worked with Federal Government buildings, various hotel and hospitality facilities and retail establishments.

business security surveillance solutions

Comprehensive Security Solutions

Every customer needs are different, and every security solution satisfies those needs.

cctv security cameras

Surveillance & Security Equipment

From digital recording devices to the latest technology, our customers safety comes first.

dvr security systems

Digital Recording Systems

Record and store digital recording and run on 64-bit Microsoft Windows 7 computers.

access control security systems

Access control systems and features

Powerful access control features and capabilities in the palm of your hand.

Commercial, Retail and Industrial Solutions and Support

Government buildings and offices require safety and security and use camera security systems for surveillance, dashboard cameras on various vehicle and transports and security camera systems for recording, documenting and storage.

There are numerous complexities for the commercial business owner and their need for a physical security system, which combines video surveillance, remote access capabilities, access control, and the need to monitor assets. In addition, very real fire hazards can occur, the need to respond to accidents, evacuation procedures and dangerous chemicals or materials. JM Associates can assist with prioritizing needs and requirements and matching them with available security and protection options.

From hospitality to medical facilities, the need for security and surveillance monitoring targeted areas for entrances and exits as well as common areas are extensive. And the details needed to ascertain security threats within a large complex of buildings, parking lots or structures requires a larger network dedicated to accessing that information. Often these businesses require of IP-based solutions for cameras in trafficked areas with high definition cameras to record and review in detail recorded footage quickly and easily.

From shopping centers, malls and other retail businesses, the risk for theft and criminal activity brings with it the need for companies to deal with not only customer safety, but provide a way for locations to incorporate camera surveillance within high-trafficked areas combined with on-site personnel. Many times camera coverage is used as evidence in prosecuting a theft as well as keep track of inventory.